Updates in Death Penalty Cases

Capital Defense Weekly has updates today in three death penalty cases:

New Execution Date

Georgia officials have set May 6th as the execution date for William Earl Lynd. If executed Lynd will be the first person executed following the lifting of the execution moratorium post-Baze.

Fifth Circuit Grants A COA In Anthony Cardell Haynes v. Quarterman

The Fifth Circuit on Wednesday granted a COA in Anthony Cardell Haynes v. Quarterman, No. 07-70004, in light of Snyder v. Louisiana and prosecutorial strikes based, purportedly, on race.

The Next In Line To Be Executed In Alabama Dies Of Natural Causes

Daniel Siebert in Alabama, who came within a day of being executed on Oct. 24 before being granted a stay by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta pending Baze, died of natural causes Tuesday. Alabama convicted Siebert of five murders and he had confessed to more than a dozen homicides in total nationwide.

The family of one of his victims, Beatrice McDougall, noted in a prepared statement: “He lost his life in a more humane way than any of his victims. . . . We are not vindictive nor do we rejoice today.” more here.