A “Throwback” Post

The end of last week got a little busy for me, and I was traveling most of Friday and Saturday. I managed to post a few things, but didn’t get a chance to visit some of my regular reads. For anyone else who had a hectic end to their week, these posts are worth revisiting:

Simple JusticeAnticipating the Sean Bell Verdict. I don’t do trial work, but I love this statement from Scott Greenfield:

That’s how cases are tried and decided in the trenches. It’s done with a club, not a scalpel. It’s messy and ugly. There is nothing nuanced about trial level courts. There never has been. On appeal, when lawyers and judges have all day to ponder these critically important questions of theory, criticize them all you want. But don’t jump down anyone’s throat about what happens in the trenches because it wasn’t sufficiently nuanced.

a public defender:  Gideon blogged aboutCops coming round on videotaped interrogations.

Defending People:  Mark Bennett has this interesting commentary on Virginia v. Moore in Texas.

Grits for Breakfast: Scott Henson wrote Juvie crime in Texas IS declining, but “why” is a mystery